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Chumble Spuzz Vol. 1: Kill the Devil

Chumble Spuzz Vol. 1: Kill the Devil

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This is the series that got me an Eisner nomination for humor. There are two volumes, this is volume 1. Curious what to make of it? Read the review by Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez

Synopsis: When two idiots named Gunther and Klem enter a pig race at the local carnival, neither of them realize that the pig they've won is possessed by the Dark Lord: Satan. They consult with Reverend Mofo, a foul-mouthed southern baptist preacher monkey who concludes that the only way to repair the possessed swine is to go straight to the source. Calling upon the help of the trigger happy General Woodchuck and his sidekick Kernel Cornnut, the gang heads into hell to Kill the Devil.

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