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Do you do international orders?

Yes, but I don't have a reliable way of estimating shipping accurately. If your order requires substantially more money to ship your products than what you paid, I will contact you to make further arrangements. If it is only a few dollars difference, I'll cover it for you.


Do you accept Paypal?



Why isn't the Bearmageddon book available?

I tested selling Bearmageddon vol 1 using Amazon Print on Demand but it was not cost effective and the product was subpar quality, so I took it off the market. I have plans to do a Kickstarter for Bearmageddon volume 1 in early 2017 which will hopefully pave the way for a nice hard and soft cover edition. 


How do I order the mutant bear drawing?

Just order a Christmas commission and ask for a mutant bear. You can ask for a specific kind, but I prefer to draw ones I have never drawn before, that way I can put them in a future book.


What is the advantage of a Patreon membership?

Patreon is basically my elite club of preferred fans. Members who pay $5-$10 a month save a substantial amount on my store items, with 15-45% discounts all year, free digital items and early access to items before they are made available to everyone else. They also get private blogs and sneak peaks at the projects I am working on 3-5 days a week, and can be part of my private Facebook group. Find out more here.


What kind of stuff will you draw for a commission?

I'll draw anything you ask, though I reserve the right to refuse any assignment if I find it inappropriate or too complex for the price. If I have any problems with commission requests I will contact you to discuss other options. To make your request, simply fill out the box that comes up when you add an item to your cart.


Are commissions available year around? 

No, I do them in seasons, limiting the time to order and amount of commissions I will take.


What are the commissions drawn on?

I use Plein Air Illustration artboards made from Canson ultra smooth, extra white paper with cardboard backing. They are 9x12, 1/8" thick, very high quality and rigid. They come in a plastic sleeve with an additional board to protect the artwork.


Who makes your shirts?

A company called Represent. They will be taking and fulfilling all shirt orde



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