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Chumble Spuzz #2: Pigeon Man & Death Sings the Blues

Chumble Spuzz #2: Pigeon Man & Death Sings the Blues

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Volume #2 in my Eisner nominated comedy series. 

Digital download, 148 page PDF

Gunther and Klem return in two new tales from the warped and endearingly disturbed world of Chumble Spuzz. In their first adventure, Pigeon Man, Klem befriends a man who was raised by pigeons,but Gunther sells the pigeon man out to a local zoo for Feral Humans to buy himself a new robot. When Klem discovers that the zoo is only a cover up for an illegal underground feral-human fighting operation, he'll do anything to rescue his new friend from the inhumane zoo's cruel death matches. Also included is the tale Death Sings the Blues, starring the Grim Reaper himself. After a conversation with Klem about his recently deceased pet sea monkey, Death realizes all of the pain and suffering he has caused the world through taking away life, and he can't bare the pain anymore, so he kills himself. When Death commits suicide, everything that has ever died begins to reanimate. Can Gunther and Klem stop the massive outbreak before the world expires from zombie overpopulation? With the help of Reverend Mofo, General Woodchuck, and Kernel Corn Nut, they'll try their damnedest.

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