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Bears Want to Kill You

  • $24.99

I do not know if or when a second printing will become available, but in the meantime, you can get the audiobook and Kindle versions on Amazon.

The ultimate guide to survival in the war between man and bear! This is the only place to get the hardcover signed edition  

Most of the hardcovers sold during the Kickstarter campaign. I am selling the last remaining hardcovers here.



  • French Flaps
  • Red foil stamp cover
  • 6"x9"
  • 240 pages
  • Over 200 full-color images and illustrations

Deluxe Paperback Pack:

  • One signed paperback as described above
  • one sticker 4-pack
  • one 4-pack of 9"x12" prints* 

The Calvin Pack-Job

My two-year-old Calvin is obsessed with packing my books and bringing them to the post office. As you may imagine, he is not so good with a stamp and a roll of tape. But if you are willing to let him pack your book for you (with my help) I will give you a discount for the messy pack job.

  • Calvin's package includes a softcover book and one free sticker


*the prints are not art pieces, they are fake safety posters. To fit in the box they come folded in half. 

Limited Edition Signed Hardcover (SOLD OUT)

  • Limited print run of 500
  • Signed and numbered bookplate
  • Faux leather slipcase with metallic black foil stamp
  • Extra fold-out page of every bear attack
  • Premium dust jacket with red foil stamp
  • Faux-leather hardbound cover
  • 6"x9"
  • 240 pages
  • Over 200 full-color images and illustrations 

LE Signed Hardcover with Sticker Pack (sold out)

  • LE Hardcover (see stats above)
  • Pack of four bear safety stickers

Ultimate Combo Pack! (sold out)

  • 1 Softcover
  • 1 LE signed Hardcover
  • 1 sticker four-pack
  • 1 four-pack of bear safety prints


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